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There is so much to catch up with you about!

Even after 40-plus years of performing, writing, recording, and producing, I have so much "music in me" (Kiki Dee, 1970's). If you look at my schedule, you will see that I am actively involved with Stage Restaurant in the Honolulu Design Center on Kapiolani. If you miss tonight's performance side by side with some of my amazing musician/singer friends (Patrick Von Wiegandt, Pierre Grill, Duane Padilla, and Mike Lewis), you will have another chance I in the spring. Stage is working on something BIG and I am going to be all over this thing! Coming up this coming Monday, Oct. 24th at 7pm, I will be a guest vocalist with Mike Lewis' Big Band performing a Michael Buble remake called, "It Had Better Be Tonight". The song is a Latin-Jazz sizzler!! Cover is free, and the buffet dinner downstairs is discounted just for the Big Band audience! Also, after I am through jet-setting with Mr. Swanky in London at Abbey Road, I will be performing a tribute show with Josh Kaye at the Blue Note in the Outrigger. It is my honor and privilege to be singing the songs of the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald! Is there a classic standard that she didn't record?? I don't think so! You can follow me on Instagram (@Dginai), Facebook as Ginai (my fan page) or on my personal page as Ginai Hill. You can also find my music at and Amazon....I look forward to hanging out with you soon!!