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Aloha Whitney Houston, One of a kind!

The anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death is coming up on Feb 12th. On the 7th, Mike Lewis and I are producing a show of her music featuring myself along with a few fresh faces at the Blue Note in Waikiki. I will be using my many years of performance savvy and vocal ability to bring as much of her depth and emotion to her countless hits and masterful recordings. She was iconic not only because she had hit after hit that brought tears to our eyes, but also because she lived the life that so many dreamed of from afar. But that dream came to a dramatic end when reality clashed with fantasy. The entire nation mourns her loss, a tragic battle lost while fighting the mega-beast known as drug addiction. Yet and still, the world kept turning. But for those of us who were intimately tied to her rise and fall, we still feel the sting, we still carry the torch, and we will always look up to the sky on occassion and bid that twinkling starl she sits on in the ethers a fond, “I miss you.” Join us on Stage It as we bring this Blue Note show to your screens live from Hawaii, a debut of sorts for me. I hope to let all her fans know that she is welcomed in my heart and soul each and every time I pick up the mic to sing, “I Will Always Love You” as a sometimes member of the Legends in Concert cast, or wherever one of her songs is needed to be sung. I invite you all to come and get, “So Emotional”....because for, “One Moment in Time” we will honor the memory of one of the greatest singes of our day! Aloha Whitney Houston!