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Summers are for Sizzling

My world is pretty hot! How about yours? Heating up more than a little? You would think, that after a solid forty years of showing out in this town and beyond, that I would be cooked by now! But to that I loudly exclaim, "No way!" I am still frying up a little 'sumthin-sumthin' with no signs of shriveling up in the blazing hot sun. My latest solar flare is at the Blue Note Hawaii, former home of the Society of Seven showroom in the Outrigger Waikiki Beach. The club renovated and opened over a year ago, and I have performed that too many times to count! Thanks to artists like Gerardo Velez, Tom Curren, and your favorite summertime jam band War, the wait staff calls me by my first name and shares their sunscreen with me. My latest collaboration has been with Mike Lewis & Friends, and we have turned out some pretty awesome shows. The music of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Diana Ross, and the upcoming Sade show has been a successful formula designed to keep the summer heat from wilting this jazz club of renown. The Blue Note has always been and continues to be the be-all-end-all of any jazz scene, and welcomes under it's beach umbrella all other styles of music. Blues, Jawaiian, Funk, Pop, Smooth Jazz, and the like have a home at Waikiki's warmest hot-spot. Come soak up some hot-fun and sizzle to your hearts content and don't forget to tell that that Ginai sent you! I'll throw in a pair of shades everytime you do......I love my life!